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Introduction to Online Casino Software Provider: Playtech

Playtech was founded in Tartu, Estonia, in 1999. At the time, the online gambling sector was only getting started. The first casino site was developed by the software business in 2001, and the iPoker network followed in 2004.

Playtech software was extremely successful in its early years, owing to favorable timing. As a result, the company went public on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM Market in 2006. When the UIGEA was passed in the United States, its stock dropped by 40%. However, Playtech recovered and was listed on the LSE’s Main Market in 2012.

Since Playtech is a publicly traded corporation, it is subject to additional regulations. The most important rule from the standpoint of a player is that many of the company’s records must be made public. That implies you can learn about financial decisions, executive officers, and other corporate details.

There are various factors that have contributed to Playtech’s success. The corporation has employed successful marketing, has prioritized corporate responsibility, and has made significant acquisitions.

Online Casino Software

Best Online Casino Games by Playtech

Playtech’s game portfolio now contains practically every sort of casino game, thanks to its numerous acquisitions. From slots and table games to bingo and virtual sports, they have it all.

Playtech Slots

The Playtech slots library includes over 370 games. Their games cover every topic imaginable, including fruit games, gems, mythology, and sports. Here, we’d like to highlight a handful of their more notable collections.

  • Age of the Gods: With over twenty titles, the Age of the Gods series is one of the most extensive slot collections available anywhere. Each game is based on a different god from Greek or Norse mythology. They are all linked to a reward pool for a progressive jackpot.
  • Progressive jackpots: Playtech has over 30 slot games that have progressive jackpot prizes. More than $837 million in rewards have been awarded to over 90,000 players in these games.
  • Playtech has licensing arrangements with various movie studios, allowing them to create branded slot games based on your favorite films. There are various DC Comics-themed games available, as well as Gladiator, Rocky, Dirty Dancing, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Playtech Table Games

Playtech’s table games, like its slot machines, offer a wide range of options. They provide over thirty different table game variations. Playtech blackjack alternatives make up over one-third of their table games. Blackjack Switch, Pontoon, and Double Attack Blackjack are available in addition to standard blackjack games. Many of Playtech’s blackjack games benefit the player, with remarkably low house edges. You can play Blackjack Switch with a house edge of only 0.14% if you utilize the perfect strategy. The house margin on their typical blackjack game is 0.43%.

Playtech also offers Age of the Gods roulette, 1000 Diamond roulette, and Dragon Jackpot roulette in addition to these regular roulette games. All of these variations provide additional betting options tied to progressive jackpot payouts!

There are other casino games like video poker, bingo, sportsbooks, and many others. The wide variety of games makes them popular!